P: Que es el BTC o Boleto Turístico?
R: El BTC o Boleto Turístico es el ticket que le permite la entrada a 16 diferentes lugares en los alrededores del Cusco y Valle sagrado. Al comprar este ticket ud. está ahorrando casi la mitad del dinero que si ud comprase las entradas por separado. El precio es de US $ 45.00 ó US $ 25.00 para estudiantes con carnet ISIC y lo puede obtener en el primer lugar que visite.

Q: What do you include in the tour package ?
A: Because of the variety of trips we offer, we recommend you to read very carefully all the things that we include in each of the packages. Although, we anticipate you that most of them include breakfast, hotels, Tranportation transfers and professional guides.

Q: Why are the meals at the cities not included in the package ?
A: Peruvian food varies a lot, it is better for our clients to choose what and where they prefer to eat and really enjoy their meals without any inconvenients.

Q: What kind of hotels do we choose?
A: The hotels are chosen according to their price and room quality. None of them are luxurious, but they offer all the services every tourist would like to find, comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, warm water and in many cases a restaurant and room service.

Q: Could I take my own room ? Do I have to always share it with someone else?
A: The trips are planned for double rooms, nevertheless, if you prefer your own room you can ask for it, of course you would have to pay an extra cost.

Q: The air ticket is included?
A: Airfare is not always included. If this is the case within the information of the services included would indicate.

If you have any further queries can be made through our e-mail: