Maras - Moray

One of the most traditional and important circuits over the last several years includes the towns of Maras, Moray, and Pichingoto. These towns can be visited separately or as a single tour.

Maras is a district of the province of Urubamba, located 50 kilometers (80 miles) from Cusco, on the Cusco-Chinchero-Urubamba route.

Located at 3,300 m.a.s.l., Maras was founded during the colonial period by Pedro Ortiz de Orue - stripped of their land and their sacred city of Cusco, by the Spanish, Cusqueños began to relocate themselves to other small towns such as San Sebastián and Maras.

Towards the northeast are the Maras "Trabajos de Sal" which consist of 3,000 small pools roughly 5 square meters (53.8 ft²) in size. Every three days, during the dry season, workers fill the pools with salt water that comes from natural springs at the top of the Maras complex, and when the water evaporates from the pool the salt is left for collection. This process is carried out over a one month period until the pools reach an approximate volume of solid salt that is 10 centimeters (4 inches) in height. The salt is ground up, treated with iodine, and packaged and sent to the various markets of the region.

Moray, due to its climate, growing conditions, and other natural characteristics, was an important center for domestication, acclimatization, and hybridization of wild plant species that were adapted for human consumption - it was in many ways an Incan experimental-biology station and greenhouse. The structures found here are of typical Incan architecture, although some authors suggest the construction is more recent. One of the enigmas of the complex is the way in which the water-drainage flows through the aqueducts, and it appears that underground channels must have been constructed to correctly channel the water.

Approximately 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) to the southwest of Maras is the archeological site of Moray, which has impressive agricultural terraces constructed by the Incas. One of the most notable points of Moray is the temperature difference between the top and the bottom of the Moray complex, which can vary by 15°C (59°F).

Duration of excursion : 06 hours approximately.

Frequency : All Days.

Include :
- Transportation in tourist bus.
- Official guide of tourism.
- Tickets of entrance.