Cusco City

Cusco is the "Archeological Capital of the Americas," and was the capital of the Inca Empire. Today, it is a small and charming city to walk through. Tourists can see original Incan walls that were constructed hundreds of years ago and today serve as the foundations of colonial-period construction.

Cusco's main attraction is the Plaza de Armas in the city center. In Incan times, the Plaza was originally known as "Huacaypata," which means "weeping" or "complaint" and still today the Plaza hints back to the symbolic center created by Manco Inca, the founder of the Inca Empire. It is here in the Plaza de Armas that Túpac Amaru II, his wife Micaela Bastidas, and their children were executed for creating an uprising among the Andean people against Spanish oppression.

Sacsayhuamán, Sacsayhuamán is only 15 minutes by car from the center of Cusco. The fortress' stone walls zigzag across three platforms and have an average height of 360 meters; some stones are up to 9 meters in length and weigh up to 300 tons.

Tambomachay, Tambomachay, known as the "baths of the Incas," features crystalline hot springs and waterfalls. Here, tourists can surrender themselves to the luxurious liquid elements of nature.

Red Fortress of Puca Pucará, The Red Fortress of Puca Pucará is an amazing fortification consisting of various towers, platforms, and passages.

Amphitheatre of Kenko, The amphitheatre of Kenko is said to have been an auditorium and speaking place of the Incas. Within its intricate stone construction, there are passages, channels and small steps engraved in the shape of a puma - a sacred animal to the Incas.

Korikancha, The Temple of the Sun was constructed during the Inca Pachacutec's reign over the Empire.

Among the more important churches and convents in Cusco are The Cathedral and La Compañía de Jesus, both located in the Plaza de Armas. Other outstanding churches include: San Francisco, Santo Domingo (Koricancha), Santa Catherine, San Pedro, Santa Clara, San Cristóbal, and La Merced where the famous "guardian" is located; built in 1720, it weighs 22 kilograms (50 pounds) and is inlaid with 1805 diamonds and more than 615 other precious stones such as rubies, topazes and emeralds.

Among Cusco's notable houses are the House of the Four Busts, the House of the Marquesses of San Juan de Buena Vista and Rocafuerte, the Family House of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, and the Admiral's Palace.

Duration of excursion : 04 hours approximately.

Frequency : All Days in the afternoon.

Include :
- Transportation in tourist bus.
- Official guide of tourism.
- All tickets of entrance.
- Tickets of entrance to Catedral.
- Tickets of entrance to Koricancha.